The importance of hearing protection when shooting indoors

Shooters around the globe often partake in more than one shooting discipline for their pleasure. This does not only mean different guns and ammunition but also different shooting environments.

The question posed is whether one type of hearing protection is suitable for all these environments. It is very important to consider how harmful noise is contained. Shooting at an indoor range is potentially more harmful than shooting in an open field. Remember that sounds are wave energy. In an open field, there is nothing for the waves to reflect off while in an indoor range, those sound waves bounce back at you from the walls and ceiling. The combined effect is that the harmful sound appears louder.

FitSonic recommends that double protection be used in these types of environments, especially when you are the one firing the gun. The extra / added protection can then be removed whilst others are shooting, and you step back further away from the firing. You can then still enjoy the ongoing conversations and not miss out on important instructions said whilst being protected.

Most important is to protect your hearing during the full extent of the time that you are exposed to loud noise to have the best hearing preservation later. CENS digital hearing protection allows for long extensive hours of use provided it is a comfortable custom-made electronic device.

Order yours today, no regrets tomorrow.

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