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The importance of hearing protection when shooting indoors

22 Oct 2022

Shooters around the globe often partake in more than one shooting discipline for their pleasure. This does not only mean different guns and ammunition but also different shooting environments. The question posed is whether one type of hearing protection is suitable for all these environments. It is very important to consider how harmful noise is …

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Electronic Hearing protection

22 Oct 2022

FitSonic – The balance of sound CENS Digital hearing protection offers many benefits that just makes SENSE.  CENS Digital models feature top of the line amplification technology, which provides sound compression. This will allow a shooter to hear all types of low-level environmental sounds such as footsteps, and conversations, but when a loud noise occurs, …

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Hearing protection for wing shooters!

5 Oct 2022

Wingshooters across South Africa are taking to the fields to experience the joys of bird hunting. For some that means lining the edge of a sunflower field looking out for doves, others choose a more relaxed hunt in a blind while waiting on ducks and geese to join the decoys and many may take their …

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