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CENS Digital hearing protection offers many benefits that just makes SENSE

CENS Digital models feature top of the line amplification technology, which provides sound compression. This will allow a shooter to hear all types of low-level environmental sounds such as footsteps, and conversations, but when a loud noise occurs, the sound is compressed to a lower volume and immediately returned to normal instead of switched off. So, instead, of the sound cutting in and out, the sound is ongoing / continuous. 

The biggest advantage to using CENS Digital hearing protection is the shooter never feels the need to take their hearing devices out/off to have a conversation. The comfort of the custom-made earpieces also allows the shooter to wear their hearing protection for hours without experiencing the pressure / perspiration issues other types of hearing protection often cause. Once shooters feel the urge to remove their hearing protection someone nearby could start to shoot unexpectedly, leaving them exposed to permanent hearing damage and often tinnitus (i.e ringing sensation in the ears).

The CENS Digital Proflex range offers three different models covering all shooters’ needs. The main difference between the models are the added digital switchover modes that provide optimised features for every shoot. The DX1 having one general mode, the DX3 offering three different modes and the DX5 having five modes (including a wireless communication mode for general shooting, providing ambient awareness with the added feature of wireless audio input via the supplied neck loop, or full two-way communication with the optional SRC harness).

Lastly, your custom-made moulds can easily be transferred into a passive system by switching the electronic module with a passive plug that makes your CENS Digital hearing protection even more versatile for other sporting disciplines such parachuting, motor biking or where a constant noise is present such as in industrial areas or on aviation grounds.

In a nutshell CENS Digital hearing protection offers features that puts them a cut above the rest. They are sensible, versatile, offer high end sound quality, effective, and elegant.

CENS Digital hearing protection just makes SENSE.  


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