FitSonic- the balance of sound

Sound is a powerful sensation that excites the hearing mechanism and enables humans (and animals) to communicate – the joyful skill that keeps us connected.

Excessive exposure to noise may jeopardize the way you perceive sound and your communication in the long run. Finding the balance between enjoying the shooting range now and being able to partake in the conversations later is possible. FitSonic strives to help shooters find the balance.

Although there are many complexities relating to the transmission of sounds, at the point of reception (at the level of the ears), sound is readily dividable into two simple elements: pressure and time. As sound pressure or intensity increases, so does the impact it will have on your ears. Likewise, as your exposure time to that sound increases, the more likely it is to cause permanent injury. In other words, a very loud sound may damage your hearing in just a fraction of a second, while a less intense noise may require a few seconds of exposure to have a harmful affect.

To avoid permanent damage, you must protect yourself. The main benefit of using hearing protection is the fact that it will protect your ears from loud sounds by reducing the level of noise that is able to enter your ears. With CENS Digital hearing protection however, you are still able to hear normal conversations while the sound of impulse shots is reduced to a safer hearing level. Provided that CENS Digital hearing protection are custom made with a leak tight seal, the comfort thereof keeps your hearing protected each time and for the full duration of your visit to the range or when you’re out hunting. When hunting, certain modes (if preferred) amplify ambient noise on the hunt to enable you to hear your professional hunter or guide’s instructions, animals approaching or wounded animals moving.

The hunting season is on – so should your hearing protection be.


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